Sunday, October 08, 2006


Traditionally, this is served with duck confit. I have yet to make it with duck, but I think my lamb and pork mixture is quite tasty.

D dislikes beans, but will eat them when they've been soaked thoroughly in meat juice. This probably shouldn't be as meaty as I make it, but I do think the flavors meld together so beautifully.
[white beans, lamb shanks, Italian sausage, pork shoulder, bacon, tomatoes, onions, carrots, bay leaves, salt, pepper, thyme, clove]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your cassoulet looks amazing. nice pic, too—very food and wine. : )

b p

10/10/06 16:09  
Blogger mommaduck said...

but beans are good for your heart! ; D

i used to make something like this when we were in the UK and could buy lamb cheaply. oh... it was good! the more beans the better!

14/10/06 21:46  

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