Tuesday, September 26, 2006

unagi rolls

Unagi and avocado are a marriage made in heaven.

unagi avocado rolls
Still eating sushi rice from the hamachi dinner. Obviously I made way too much rice. Good thing we had some unagi in the freezer. This should be a freezer staple, it's saved us many a night from having to cook more than a pot of rice.
[sushi rice, unagi, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise, wasabi, soy sauce]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love unagi. where do you buy yours?

3/10/06 00:02  
Blogger s. said...

I go to a Japanese market. Nijiya or Mitsuwa both have a good selection, and I'm sure if you're willing to haul down to the mega-Marukai in Gardena, you'll find everything you need.

3/10/06 10:52  

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